Wednesday, November 08, 2006

All that glitter, ready to roll

Up at Hamilton College, in New York State, the students are launching a community bicycle fleet -- 20 reconditioned bicycles that anyone can use at any time. (Thanks to Melissa Balding, photo editor of The Spectator, for the photo of the two-wheelers after the students' paint job.) It will be interesting to see how this experiment in social mobility works out.

Some of the rules:
First, don’t hog the bikes. [The organizer, Drew] LaFiandra, reveals that the “system runs on all of us treating the bikes as our own, while letting everyone else use them.” He requests that bikes should try to stay on the main campus as the bikes are old and might not be up to the challenge of conquering College Hill. However, if you need to take a bike down the hill, make sure it gets back up. Furthermore, if you happen to find a bike lying around off campus, return it. LaFiandra asks, “be a part of the system.”
You can read more in this piece from The Spectator.

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