Monday, January 08, 2007

A bid to open causeways to bicycles

Updated January 31
I'm a bit behind the curve on this, but there's an effort from up in Central Florida to allow limited-access highways to be opened to bicyclists. We're banned by state law at present. Here's more:
A proposed statutory change would allow the Florida Department of Transportation, expressway authorities or bridge authorities to permit bicycling or walking along the shoulders of limited access highways, now outlawed under Florida statutes.

Limited access highways are roads where access from adjacent properties is limited in some way.

The law change [wouldn't] mean these roads will be immediately available for bike traffic, officials said. It just puts the decision to allow bike riders on parts of certain roads -- mainly bridges -- into the hands of engineers and local planners, not state lawmakers.
There's lots more detail in Florida Today.

A similar proposal is being looked at in the Tampa Bay Area, as reported in the St. Petersburg Times.

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Marilyn Moore said...

Interesting. I rode Cycle Oregon in September 06 and because of wildfires, our route was diverted onto the Interstate for about 20 miles! This seemed completely bizarre to me as a Floridian at the time, but it wasn't a bad experience. The shoulder was very wide, the grade was more gentle than the country roads, and the highway department had swept it clean for the 1,700 riders that day. (This is a very, very big ride for Oregon and government is behind it.) I was told it's legal to ride on the Interstate there.
Here's an overview of the weeklong ride that appeared on Pez cycling: