Monday, January 08, 2007

Let's open a door at the highway department

Thank Jeffrey Lynne and Walter Finch for this tip, relayed through the League of American Bicyclists: Florida Gov. Charlie Crist will be considering the appointment of a secretary of transportation shortly. First, the business-oriented Florida Transportation Commission will interview candidates whose resumes are submitted by 5 p.m. on Wednesday, Jan. 10. Finch writes:
This is a great opportunity for the bicycling community in Florida to participate in the process. I would urge each of you to contact the individuals listed below to share your perspectives on the difficulties that bicyclists and pedestrians have encountered in working with FDOT over the past eight years, and to impress upon them that the new FDOT secretary must truly understand that alternative modes of transportation, such as walking, cycling and mass transit, are not simply nice sounding buzzwords to be placed in legislation and policy statements, but absolutely MUST be implemented.
Given what I've read about the commission, I would not call it our natural ally. State law specifies that the members must be business people, so that leaves out the politicians and road planners who sometimes do help us quite a bit. So you need to be politely persuasive. Here are the suggested contacts:
  • Gov. Charlie Crist --
  • Earl Durden, chairman, FDOT Search Committee --
  • James Holton, chairman, Florida Transportation Commission --
  • Janet Watermeier, FTC vice-chairwoman --
  • Marcos Marchena, member --
  • Sidney Calloway, member --
  • Marshall Criser III, member --
  • Martha Lanahan, member --
  • Hon. David A. Straz Jr., member --
  • Sally Patrenos, FTC executive director --
  • Mark Reichert, FTC deputy executive director --
Note that several of the committee addresses are that of Sally Goodman, the executive assistant at the Florida Transportation Commission. You could ask her to forward your note to each, rather than stuffing her inbox with duplicates. And, in case you prefer ink on paper:

Florida Transportation Commission
605 Suwannee Street, MS-9
Tallahassee, Florida 32399-0450

850/414-4234 - FAX

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