Thursday, January 11, 2007

An upgrade for the Black Creek Trail

I was out looking for U-pic tomatoes when I ran into the widening of Eureka Drive (SW 184th Street) alongside the Larry and Penny Thompson Park. As part of that job, the two-lane bridge (above) at the current north end of the Black Creek Trail is being enlarged. Since I could see no sign of accommodation for bicyclists coming off the trail or trying to reach it, I put my email and phone to work, with these discoveries:
  • Miami-Dade Parks & Recreation is planning to rebuild the existing trail, closing some gaps along the way, and extend it north and west to the L-31N Canal just west of Krome Avenue. That would hook up with the Krome improvements I described here last summer.
  • There is no plan for a bike lane on the new Eureka Drive, on grounds that the county didn't own sufficient right of way. That's not so bad, actually, since a multi-use path extends through the park from its southwest corner, at Eureka and SW 134th Avenue, to its southeast one, at Eureka and 122nd.
  • The trail connection to the park would be achieved by directing cyclists north along SW 137th Avenue (on the sidewalk) and then west on SW 176th Street at the Army Reserve Center to the park's northwest corner. OK, it's a back-door entrance but it's practical. And riders may want to scoot across 137th for "refueling" at Winn-Dixie.
Planning for the Black Creek Trail is being handled by the park department's Mark Heinicke and two consulting firms -- one for the "A" portion between Eureka and the Black Point Marina and the other for the "B", north of Eureka. Heinicke said the first drawings for Part A should be ready at the end of January, subject to approval by various county offices. Rebuilding of the trail should begin in December. And presumably that will close the gap you hit as you follow the trail east from South Dixie Highway near the South Dade Government Center.

By the way, I did eventually find tomatoes, but they were way north near the Costco off Kendall Drive. Next time, will veer south and check out Robert is Here.

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Eric Tullberg said...

A few clarifications on the Black Creek Trail (MDC Route 7). The easiest way to get from Route 7 at SW 184 St. West of 137 Av. is to cross SW 184 St. and go West on the new sidewalk being constructed on the North side of SW 184 St. to SW 134 Av. At the NE corner of SW 184 St. and SW 134 Av. a path leads into L&P Thompson Park. After 0.1 mile the path forks - the North fork goes 0.4 mi. to the closed park entrance At SW 174 St. & SW 134 Av., the East fork goes 1.3 mi. to SW 184 St. & SW 122 Av., next to Robert Morgan School. The latest 50% plans for Route 7 are to cross SW 184 St. and go up the East side of the C-1 W canal for 0.5 mi. to Br 874345 at SW 137 Av. There is a short stretch (0.1 mi.) of sidewalk to From that point you can use the sidewalk on the South side now and later the North side (which now ends at the curve) to the closed park entance. There is a 7" gap between the rocks to enter.

The Black Creek Trail extends beyond SW 211 St. Route 7 departs the bike lanes and South side sidewalk at Allapattah (SW 112 Av.) Turn R, (South) and cross Br870615 on a 3 ft. wide sidewalk. The path begins on the South side of the C-1 W canal. The path continues East along the canal and turns South just West of the Turnpike access Rd. Watch for broken glass behind the apartments. At the NW corner of HEFT and SW 216 St. the path ends now. They have just finished installing traffic signals at all four corners. In the future the path will continue from the SE corner of HEFT and SW 216 St. 3.0 miles along the C-1 canal to Black Point Park, where it joins Route 5 (SW 87 Av.).
Eric Tullberg - BPAC member