Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Miami Beach riders organizing

If you're in Miami Beach and want better paths, bike lanes and other riding accommodations, there's a meeting on Feb. 21 that you should attend. Here's Paul Gannon's announcement:
Bicyclists on Miami Beach are an invisible constituency. The city has no idea how many of us there are. Any time there are issues pertaining to the safety of bicycling, or to creating a bicycle lane somewhere on the beach, it would be hard for you, the bicyclist, to even know about it. For instance, recently, a bike lane was proposed across 16th Street (from Alton to Washington). No bicyclists were at the meeting and the few residents who were, opposed the bike path, and the city went forward to adopt their wishes, even though this would be the only east/west bike path in all of South Beach, and even though this was part of the larger “Bikeways Plan.”

If we want to see real change for the Beach in regards to bicycle safety and ease, we must get together and be proactive. Now is the time, as the mayor of Miami Beach has appointed a “Bikeways Committee” to interface with the appropriate departments in implementing the approved master Bikeways Plan, but they cannot do it alone. Representation from actual bicyclists at the appropriate City Council meetings would go extremely far to help secure this Bikeways Plan, in addition to essential changes needed for bicycle safety and ease.

I invite you to a meeting to discuss strategies to create a unified voice for bicyclists on Miami Beach.

We need to join forces and be heard. The dangerous commute that bicyclists undertake each day on Miami Beach needs to be a thing of the past. Let’s create a voice in numbers that will help get things done.

Please, make the time to come to this first meeting, meet other bicyclists, share in the process of naming ourselves, and starting forward to create effective change for all of us and the future, while having fun in the process.

The first meeting will be:

Wednesday, February 21 at 6:30
945 Pennsylvania Ave. (The Seymour) For map, click here.

For more information or to help organize this effort, please call Paul Gannon, at (305) 491-9209

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