Saturday, February 03, 2007

Reinforcing the three-foot law

In Arizona, they're putting up signs to build awareness of the three-foot buffer that drivers should give when passing bicyclists. Unfortunately, it seems to have taken someone's death to prompt this reasonable action. Read it in the Arizona Republic.


Anonymous said...

There should be something done to aware motorists of the three-foot law here in Miami, since it's a new law most wouldn't know unless involved.

JHop said...

My reader is right, of course. I've tried to do my part by writing about the new law several times -- at a minimum, when it was proposed a year ago, adopted last spring and went into effect in October. I'm pretty sure it was mentioned in the Herald and the Sun-Sentinel, as well as several newspapers upstate. The next step, I think, would be for the riding community to talk it up -- especially to urge any police they know to get familiar with the law and start warning and ticketing violators.