Monday, March 26, 2007

Cool ride: Everglades Snowbird Century

Several hundred riders turned out yesterday for the Everglades Snowbird Century, and more than 500 of those ventured well into Everglades National Park on the 60- and 100-mile routes. It was a gorgeous day, and riders told me they were delighted with the scenery on this Everglades Bicycle Club event. Congratulations to the whole club, but especially the hard-working Tom Burton and Joe Wascura. I didn't ride this one, just made myself useful around the rest stop where riders stoked up on orange slices, pbj crackers and fluids. But it was great to see how much fun people had. True, the wind made for seriously hard going on the return loop out of the park. Somebody will have to talk to the Park Service about that! Seriously, thanks to all at the park who made this such a success.

By the way, here's the scope of the ride, as mapped at RouteSlip.

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