Sunday, March 11, 2007

Cool rides: Cauley Square

What a fun ride we had down the South Dade Trail today, with a glass of cool limeade at our turnaround point, Cauley Square. On the first day of the earlier Daylight Saving Time, we left home at 5 and it was just barely dark as we returned home at 7:30. The Tea Room at Cauley is a hidden gem -- treasured by lovers of antiques but just far enough out of the way that it's not someplace you'd drop in to while in the neighborhood. As a destination, though, it's choice. We sat in wicker chairs on the shady porch for our refreshment, and enjoyed the sense of barely-tamed nature all around.

The bike path passes just yards away from the entrance to Cauley Square, and there's even a gate in the fence so you don't have to navigate the tee-corner intersection at SW 224th Street to reach the place.

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