Sunday, March 18, 2007

Cool Rides: Deering Estate

We pedaled over to the Deering Estate today for the Deering Seafood Festival, a community party on the sloping lawn across which tractor magnate James Deering used to watch Biscayne Bay. The mood was laid back, the beer and food so scarce that the gate stopped charging admission by 2 p.m. (They had 2,000 last year, but lots more showed up on this perfect Miami Sunday. No March madness for these folks!)
Deering's big stone house and the charming Richmond Cottage have been beautifully restored -- rebuilt, in the case of the cottage -- since the terrible damage of Hurricane Andrew in 1992. It's a great place to ride to, especially from the north across the Chinese Bridge (the picture shows us homeward bound). Lots of folks broke out their bikes for the visit, but had to improvise in locking them up. Someone ought to invest in some bicycle racks for this county-run facility.

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