Thursday, March 08, 2007

County thinks green, sometimes

Updated March 9
There's a raft of encouraging information in a report called A Long Term CO2 Reduction Plan, which resulted from the foresight of County Clerk Harvey Ruvin while he was a member of the County Commission. The Dec. 12, 2006 document asserts that 585 tons of carbon dioxide emission have been avoided here by promoting increased use of bicycles.

I have no clue whether that number is correct, but what caught my eye was the plan's notion of requiring shower and changing facilities in new construction, as well as improving bike routes and paths to connect important points around the county. Path improvement is going very slowly, and except at County Hall I don't know of any showers being installed for cyclists. The county did pass a requirement in 1999 for bike parking to be provided, but I haven't seen much enforcement of it. Two lonely racks like this one were all I could find in my recent tour of Southland Mall, for instance.

If you're thinking green yourself, you might want to see the full report.

According to Dan Ricker's Watchdog Report, from which I first learned of this effort, Ruvin is back on the case as head of the new Climate Change Advisory Task Force. They're to meet in public at 10 a.m. on March 15, at 175 NW First Ave., 11th floor conference room.

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