Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Help make the M-Path better

A lucky few are able to commute downtown on the M-Path, a paved multi-use trail along the Metrorail right of way. The trail today is pretty much the way it was created when the elevated tracks were built a couple of decades ago; the primary thought then was access by transit maintenance crews. The M-Path has turned out to be a huge asset, however, for bicycle commuters and for recreation. Now there's a master plan in the works to extend the path north from Brickell Station to the Miami River, and to improve signage, path alignment and landscaping from there south to 67th Avenue. (The path ends there, in the vexing Dadeland Gap that sends riders west through a warehouse district or east across busy South Dixie Highway.)

Users of the path are invited to a public workshop to review the preliminary planning, ask questions and suggest what they'd like to see included. The workshop will be held Tuesday, April 10, at 7 p.m., in the South Miami Public Library, 6000 Sunset Drive. The workshop is being sponsored by the Miami-Dade Metropolitan Planning Organization. To ask questions ahead of the 10th, you may call 305-375-4507.

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