Saturday, March 10, 2007

Miami Beach riders to meet March 21

Here's an update from BASIC, the new bicycle advocacy group that's organizing:

Hello! Whether you bike for recreation or for commuting on Miami Beach, this letter applies to you.

Please join us at our second meeting of “B.A.S.I.C.”
Bicycle Advocacy for a Safe Integrated City

Wednesday, March 21th at 6:30pm
945 Pennsylvania Ave ("The Seymour")

Currently bicyclists on Miami Beach are an invisible constituency: in other words, the city has no idea how many of us there are. In addition, any time there are issues pertaining to the safety of bicycling, or to creating a bicycle lane somewhere on the Beach, it would be hard for you, the bicyclist, to even know about it.

If we want to see real change for the Beach in regards to bicycle safety and ease, we must get together and be proactive. Representation from actual bicyclists at the appropriate City and County meetings would go extremely far to help push the agenda for these essential changes.

This is your chance to be a part of a unified voice for bicyclists on Miami Beach.

Let’s create effective change for all of us and the future, while having fun in the process!

***If you cannot attend this meeting, and want to be kept in the loop as to what is happening, please email

Or telephone (305) 491-9209
Gannon adds that the agenda on the 21st will be getting organized, setting up future dates and projects to keep the ball rolling and get more active. They'll also discuss an important meeting with the City to occur on the 22nd.

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