Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Cool rides: Black Point Marina

My honey and I set out late in the day on Sunday for Black Point Marina, where the boating crowd was winding down from Memorial Day weekend. The marina bar was packed, and a live band had everyone in a party mood. We rode down there on the path through the woods at the Deering Estate, one of my favorites, then along Old Cutler Road to pick up Bike Route 5 for the last leg. That's where I found this poinciana bright against the rain-heavy sky (we began to get wet about 20 minutes later).

Old Cutler is part of Bike Route 1, and gets a fair amount of use despite the gravel, sand and broken car parts that wash off the nearby traffic lanes. Here I'm looking back toward the city. A couple of miles to the north, where the path passes the preserve at Deering, you can catch deep whiffs of the mangrove marshland and feel, for a moment, like you're far from civilization. It was near there that someone parked his truck square in the middle of the bike path -- a hazard I recorded at My Bike Lane (see link at right).

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