Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Happy with the M-Path at LeJeune

The key people in getting the M-Path intersection with LeJeune Road fixed met onsite this morning and decided they were pleased with the work. They should be pleased, as path users definitely are, about the safer alignment of path, curb ramps and crosswalk on both east and west sides of LeJeune.

They are Victor Ortiz (blue shirt), the state Department of Transportation project manager; Isabel Padron, design chief for Miami-Dade Transit, and David Henderson, bicycle-pedestrian coordinator for the Metropolitan Planning Organization.

I hung around for an hour this morning and saw numerous riders breeze through the new crossing. Not all path users took the crosswalk, with some cutting diagonally across the five-way intersection to continue up Ponce de Leon Boulevard. But northbound riders on the path uniformly used the new ramp. Then there were the club riders, who rolled smartly up Ponce, stopped for the light and scooted onto Grand Avenue and, perhaps, a delicious breakfast in the Grove. In this picture, you can see a piece of work that remains to be done. The large concrete pole in the sidewalk east of LeJeune formerly supported the traffic signals, and still holds a street light. The walk would be safer if FPL removed the pole or relocated it further from the street. Could it be that, with new city streetlights on the west side, this light doesn't need to overhang the street?