Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Let's all pull together

Our state-level advocate for better and safer riding is the Florida Bicycle Association. They're pushing to enlarge their membership this year, and I'd like to see them succeed in growth and every other way -- that's why I've had a link to their website from the early days of this blog. If you don't belong, how about checking them out now and signing up for yourself and your significant other? Tell 'em I sent you, won't you? And if you run a bike shop, hey, you can do a LOT of good for the cause as an FBA member. Let them tell you how.

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Falon said...

I like your blog. Have you heard of the Sarasota-based bicycle advocacy group the Alliance for Responsible Transportation? The org. was started by friends of mine and they have done a lot of good things in Sarasota. Check out their site: