Monday, June 04, 2007

Give 'em, fix 'em, let someone ride 'em

A new friend was saying the other night that we ought to have a place in Miami where people could donate their old bikes and poor people could fix 'em up and earn a bike for themselves. It would help people hold a job who can't afford a car, and put into use a lot of neglected bikes that are gathering dust and rust in people's garages. Well, here's just such an enterprise in Colorado, and it looks like a smash success:
Community Cycles ... offers a spot where locals can drop in for repairs, learn about basic bike maintenance, donate used bikes, and even pick up a refurbished one. More than half of Community Cycle's funding is derived from bike sales and tune-ups, and about 10 percent comes from donations.
There's more about it in the Colorado Daily.

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Ashley said...

we sort of do - not as noble sounding or focused, but a step in the right direction:
It's a place where you can post stuff you want to give away for free. Since you get to choose who gets your goods, I suppose you could select who you thought would be the most deserving.