Friday, November 16, 2007

Cyclist loses his reflective vest to a deer

This is one of those stories that's too strange to be made up. I got it from Claire Petersky at rec.bicycles.misc, who got it from Joshua Putnam:

"The last time I regularly commuted with a reflective vest, I stopped one morning to clear a deer out of the road. Turned out it was still alive and didn't want to be moved. Since it was a large dark obstacle on a dark busy road, I took off my reflective vest and strapped it
onto the deer so it wouldn't get hit. I was about to leave the scene to call the police when a Metro bus ran over the deer at speed despite the reflective vest. At that point the vest was a bit too messy to put back on, so I left it with the carcass when we got it unstuck from the rear axle of the bus."

"There are a few parts of bike commuting on Vashon Island that I don't really miss."

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