Monday, November 26, 2007

Cyclists seek help on Alton Road

Anyone who bicycles in Miami Beach needs to know that the make-or-break moment for putting bike lanes on Alton Road is upon us. At a meeting Tuesday evening, Nov. 27, organized opponents of the bike lanes will try to make the state Department of Transportation abandon the Alton improvement plans that include bike lanes.

You know Alton Road, don't you? If you enter Miami Beach from the MacArthur Causeway, it's the north-south thoroughfare that you enter on a flyover at Fifth Street. It carries you right up the Bay side of the city past Lincoln Road and 17th Street, which is the east-west route to the Convention Center and the Jackie Gleason Theater. Pedestrians and cyclists use Alton all the time, and it doesn't make sense to turn it completely over to motor vehicles as some of the plans would do. A call for keeping the street lined with parking meters is misguided, as there is roomy off-street parking at each end of Alton and near the middle.

The bike-advocacy group in Miami Beach, which is called BASIC, has asked for help on this fight. They're capable and extremely well-informed. I hope you can give them a hand.

The meeting is at 7 p.m. at the Miami Beach Public Library, 23rd Street and Collins Avenue. If you simply can't get there, you might want to tell the planners what you think. They are, and .

Also, if you want more background, here's what I wrote before.

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