Saturday, December 08, 2007

Comments needed in Collier County

The Naples Pathway Coalition is asking for rider help to keep bike lanes and a multi-use pathway in the plans for the Vanderbilt Beach Road Extension. This important east-west street will pass two schools, and, according to coalition leader Joe Bonness, "may be the only complete street with bike lanes and walkways from the beach to the eastern county."

Plans were shown to the public December 5, and it turns out that several property owners along the route want the bike lanes, pathway and even the sidewalks eliminated so less right-of-way needs to be acquired. If you want bicycle connectivity and fully-functional streets, you need to tell Ana Fuentes before December 19. Her fax number is 239-252-2726. Tell her that bike lanes and pathways are NOT optional.

For a color drawing of the typical cross-section, and fuller description of the project, you can write the coalition's Michelle Avola.

By the way, there isn't a lot of official support for this kind of thing in Naples. Check out this City Council discussion of sidewalks in the Naples Daily News.

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