Friday, December 07, 2007

Cool rides: Everglades National Park

For nature-lovers, one of the swellest places I know to ride is Everglades National Park. The 13-mile loop trail at Shark Valley has been a favorite of mine for years; I love taking out-of-state visitors there to count the alligators and marvel at the birds. You need a little more care about riding at the park's main entrance, southwest of Homestead, because you have to share narrow roads with motor traffic. But the speed limit's low and most people comply.

The park concludes its 60th anniversary celebration on Saturday, Dec. 8, with a history talk, the swearing-in of new junior rangers -- and birthday cake. Check out the fun right here.


Anonymous said...

can you ride a ride a road bike on the shark valley path?

JHop said...

Yes, the pavement's fine for a road bike. When I ride it with my wife she takes her road bike and thoroughly enjoys the outing.