Tuesday, December 18, 2007

For cyclists and walkers, there's safety in numbers

That's right -- the more of us there are walking or bicycling, the safer we all are. It seems to be that driver care increases as drivers learn to expect us on the streets. The study by Peter Jacobsen is in the journal Injury Prevention, linked here for your own reading.

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Eduardo E said...

I've noticed, in my own informal study, that I get more respect from cars when I am running or walking than when I am on the bike. I don't understand. I impede traffic more when I run or walk since I am moving at a top speed of 5mph. However, I bike at 18 to 20 mph, sometimes even 25 with a tailwind. I am almost doing the speed limit! But yet cars insist on honking at me and buzzing right past me so their rear view mirrors almost hit me. I've even had Miami-Dade County Vehicles honk at me and almost hit me.