Thursday, December 13, 2007

Planner urges making Miami bicycle-friendly

Updated Dec. 14
A smart and timely column in The Miami Herald today calls for taking advantage of Miami's terrain, weather and interest in outdoor activity to make the city truly friendly to bicyclists. It's great to see these thoughts in the mainstream media.

On some specifics the writer mentioned: It needs to be said that Miami-Dade County does have a bicycle-pedestrian coordinator, and an engineer in the county Department of Public Works serves as a point man on related issues. The county-wide bike map is currently getting a long-needed update. Miami Beach also has a bicycle coordinator, part of its public works staff.

The writer's recommendations are spot-on as to the cities of Miami and Hialeah, however, though Miami Commissioner Sarnoff did assign a member of his staff early this year to bird-dog all bike issues. And even Coral Gables or North Miami, for example, should be able to assign someone from their parks or public works staff to this kind of work.

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