Sunday, January 06, 2008

NY getting sheltered bike parking

Now here's a great idea for extending the reach of Miami-area public transit. Covered bike parking, like this shelter announced in New York City, would make it a lot more practical for bicycle owners to ride to the bus. Oh, I know all Miami-Dade buses have a rack for two bikes up front, and the folks at Metrorail let us bring our bikes on board (the last car), but until public buildings, shops and workplaces do a better job accommodating cyclists it will still be attractive to lots of riders to leave their wheels in their neighborhood. So what about it, M-DT?

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C.L. Jahn said...

I love it! I'd be happy if there was just more bike racks. I rode from the Little Gables down to the new Whole Foods today; no bike rack! I had to lock to a street sign right on the curb of Red Road, traffic just inches away.