Saturday, February 23, 2008

Advocate profile: Richard Fries

Here's a guy who mixes careers as easily as I add cream to coffee. I like his thinking.
[Richard] Fries ... lives a relentlessly active life; it’s the only way he knows how. His mantra: Fight obesity and our dependence on oil by getting up and getting out.

“I walk a lot, and I ride my bike just to get around,” said Fries. “I eat what I want, and I probably drink too much wine.”

At 47, he credits his youthful spirit and appearance to perpetual motion. He easily looks 30. He sees a crisis in America, where obesity is rampant and an addiction to petroleum is out of hand because people drive less than a mile to the supermarket.

“You want a workout?” Fries asked. “Walk to Stop & Shop and carry home $60 worth of groceries.”
There's more about this bicycle advocate in the Lexington Minuteman.

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