Saturday, February 09, 2008

Folding bike a workable Brit compact

If you're into 100-mile rides on a weekend, this isn't the bike for you. But if you want some clean mechanical help for your daily back-and-forth, take a look. Business Week wrote:
[The designer, Mark] Sanders intended the Strida for hybrid commuters who might go from house to railway to street to office. Those aspirations show in every detail, from parallel wheels that make it a cinch to push the folded bike along as you walk—a nifty amenity over any distance longer than a block—to the brilliant greaseless rubber chain. Yet the best part of the design is the stable ride it produces, thanks to a triangle's natural cross-bracing. Nimbleness is a given on a bike with such a short wheelbase, but well-balanced handling results from the frame's lateral strength.
You can read the whole article here, or go straight to Strida's page for a second look.

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