Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Fun on the fat-tire ride

Around 50 bicyclists turned out for the Biscayne-Everglades Fat Tire Bicycle Ride over the weekend, tracing the route that the proposed Biscayne- Everglades Greenway would follow between South Florida's two national parks. The route followed a canal up the east edge of Everglades National Park, turned east along another canal and then followed a series of roads through Homestead over to Biscayne National Park and back through Florida City to the visitor center from which the ride started. That was a 42-mile ride for those who did it all. Riders found the canal banks a challenge, but fun; the ground was hard-packed though in some places the grass was high. Scenery was very nice.

Tom Burton of the Everglades Bicycle Club, here in orange jersey, put the ride together, and volunteers from the club and Green Mobility Network pitched in. Greenway supporters present included Homestead Councilwoman Judy Waldman, right, and ENP park planner Fred Herling, near right.

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