Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Miami-Dade shops for bike racks

The transit committee of the Miami-Dade County Commission approved a grant application Wednesday that anticipates installing bike racks at all the Metrorail stations that didn't get new ones in 2006. Basically, that's the stations on the northern half of the line. Funds are also being sought to put racks at park-and-ride lots along the Busway between Florida City and Kendall. Two of us from Green Mobility Network spoke in favor of the rack installation, asking that care be given to optimal placement and the type of rack used. The photo of the Okeechobee Station is by Theo Karantsalis, of Miami-Dade Community College and the Bicycle-Pedestrian Advisory Committee.

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Tony B said...

Great job, John. Each little victory gets us one step closer to a bike-friendly South Florida! Keep up the momentum!