Friday, March 21, 2008

How about some signs along Dixie Highway?

Driving down South Dixie Highway from the foot of Interstate 95 into Pinecrest, there's a sign at just about every intersection warning drivers not to block the cross street, upon penalty of a $133 fine. Last night I could spot just two of those intersections that had anything to alert drivers to the bicyclists and pedestrians using the M-Path (map at right) a few yards west of Dixie. As popular as the M-Path is, and as fine an asset for commuting bicyclists, every regular user I know worries about someday having a collision with a heedless driver either leaving or entering South Dixie.

You have to think about the priorities here. We spend thousands of dollars advertising "Don't Block the Box," in order to keep U.S. 1 traffic moving swiftly, but to protect our neighbors who pedal to work or school, what are we doing? These bicyclists are saving the country's oil, keeping the community's air clean, making themselves healthy. Some of them bike from necessity; they can't afford to drive. Are we cyclists second-class citizens, in the eyes of Miami-Dade Public Works and the state Department of Transportation?

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