Monday, March 10, 2008

Smarten up for commuting

(Address corrected below)
So, you really like to ride but you don't manage it often? And the last time you filled your gas tank you cringed as the wheels spun past $30? You might be ready to commute by bicycle. If this sounds like you, there's a program Wednesday night in South Miami that's worth your time. Three street-smart friends of the wheel will tell you some of what they've learned about bike commuting. Only you can decide if you're ready for it, but if you want to try you can make a good beginning at this program, sponsored by Green Mobility Network.

Come to Mack Cycle & Fitness, 5995 Sunset Drive (click for map), at 7 p.m. There'll be light refreshments and we'll wrap up by 9 o'clock.

To properly prepare for street riding, I recommend the famed Road 1 course taught by a League of American Bicyclists instructor. Green Mobility Network will schedule one if there's enough interest.


Karl said...

Hi JHop - Thanks for the comment but I think you missed my point.

Anyway, we have a tax scheme in the UK where you can get vouchers from your employer which effectively lets you buy a bike less your tax rate (22% or 40% - depends how much you earn).

I started cycling to work last year for health reasons but getting into the office more often (avoiding crammed trains) has helped me in my career and my mental outlook.

Eduardo E said...

Hey JHop,

Wanted to let you know my experience this morning while riding on the Key so you can pass the info along to your readers.

It didn't happen to me but I saw several cyclists pulled over by about 3 or 4 police cruisers. Turns out they were ticketed for either not having lights and/or for not having any eyewear.

It was dark and I understand there's a law about lights on bicycles when it's dark but had no idea about having to wear some sort of eyeglasses.

The tickets were from between 60 to 80 dollars depending on the infraction.