Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Toll gate enforced at Rickenbacker

Updated March 20
Cyclists are buzzing this week about new law enforcement at the Rickenbacker Causeway toll gates. For years, riders have been able to pass through the gates even though a sign at the land side of the causeway directs us to use the walkway. Faster riders, especially, feel everyone's safer if they stay on the road here because they won't interfere with walkers or skateboarders. And we all like to avoid the glass and debris often found on the walk.

Suddenly, it can cost you a $179 ticket if you blow through the tollgate. Anyone know what the proper toll IS for a 40-pound, two-wheeled vehicle? Until this is clarified, I recommend you slow down and use the path -- at least past the toll gate.

The emphasis is on slow down. The curb cut where you're supposed to get onto the walk is pretty narrow. As I eyed it from a distance Thursday, it looked like you'd need to make a 90-degree right turn, followed immediately by a 90-degree left. Someone at Wednesday night's BPAC meeting estimated you'd need to slow to 10 mph. Not what the gang out for cardio exercise likes doing.

But there is a sign there, and we'd best obey it. After all, there are some signs we'd like posted and obeyed around town, too.


Gabriel J. Lopez-Bernal said...

This is ridiculous...

Anonymous said...

I think a statement can be made if during the tennis matches or some other Key Biscayne event 500 bikers show up to use all toll gates. One by one we can all dismount to find our dollars and pay our toll. Of course, I would recommend a number of biker-friendly drivers be in cars directly behind the riders to protect them for angry drivers. In the end, either a lot of people will be just angry or Key Biscayne residents and so many others would support free tolls for bikers using the far right gate.