Sunday, March 09, 2008

Why map bike routes on Google

Peter Smith, the bicycle advocate who launched the petition for Google to start showing bike routes on its maps, writes about the rationale for his campaign:
I've seen MapMyRide - it does not provide point-to-point bicycle directions. Basically, I've actually only seen two or three services that provide point-to-point directions for bicycles:, (sf bay area), and is semi-operational for two towns, is still operational, and bikemetro is defunct, i believe. Actually, double-checking just now, I don't even think it does point-to-point directions. is really, imo, the place we want to go. it's the most google-like. the site has a contact email address, but my emails went unanswered, so i have no idea how they did it, nor if it's accurate or if anyone even bothers to use it. So that was a pretty quick dead end. Still, if we have to build this thing ourselves, that's what i'll be shooting for - a super-clean, simple interface, fast, etc.
Smith also says that he got into biking heavily in Palo Alto, Calif., a city well known to bicycle advocates, but recently moved to Austin, Texas.

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