Sunday, April 26, 2009

We want bicycle parking

Updated April 28
Inspired by the recent dedication of a sculptor's colorful bicycle rack in Peacock Park, Grove resident Harry Gottlieb wrote to The Miami Herald to call for more bike racks, and more utilitarian ones, throughout the neighborhood. I agree with him, that part of Miami needs more racks -- but so does the whole city. They would be a real help to residents who try to save gasoline by not driving, and especially to those who can't afford a car to begin with.

Add Bookstore in the Grove to that small but growing number of Miami-area shops that do have convenient parking for bicyclists. Green Mobility's Hank Resnik spotted their artistic new rack on the sidewalk at Virginia Street and Grand Avenue.


Max Bunster said...

Gatting Jackson (bike consultants) recomends that racks be:
1. Protected from the weather; biproducts are lighting and, for the more orwellian, CCTV. (Note that lighting can be solar, no trenching, cabling, etc...)
2. Concentrated in strategically located "depots", not sprinkled throughout the neighborhood; this makes for efficient use since turnover produces more availability. (Although a change in culture a-la Amsterdam is required, as most folks here like to park their bikes within line of sight from their destination...)

JHop said...

Our friend surely meant to write Glatting Jackson.