Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Cyclist alert: Venetian bridge closing

The eastern bridge on the Venetian Causeway will be closed to bicycles and all other traffic for a month starting Friday, May 1. All 12 bridges on the causeway are facing repairs that Miami-Dade Public Works says are needed because of weather damage.

In case a rider gets out to the bridge and can't get across, there's to be a shuttle bus on each side -- on the beach side serving the Lincoln Road bus terminal and on the west side serving the Omni terminal. At either terminal, you can catch a regular bus across the bay -- the C, M, S, K or Night Owl -- and resume your ride on the other side. I'm told that regular fares will apply on the cross-bay buses.

Riders may be tempted to just take the MacArthur Causeway across. I don't recommend it, at least not before the Florida Department of Transportation finishes the repaving that's to start this summer. They're planning to restripe the pavement then and include bicycle lanes. Perhaps then I'll be comfortable with that route, though the speed of motorists still is a concern.


Anonymous said...

So what do you recommend me as a cyclist?

I shouldn't take the MacCarthur, I should maybe wait until they repave it and add a bike lane in the Summer? What do I do during May?

Do you recommend the Julia Tuttle? Or do I just stay on the beach all month long because the county & FDOT can't get their act together?

JHop said...

My brevity was misplaced here. Sorry. If you can afford the fare, take the bus across the bay. Otherwise you'll need to use the MacArthur.

On the MacArthur, you may get a measure of protection from temporary barricades that Mike Lydon has been pressing Miami and Miami-Dade authorities to set up while the Venetian is being worked on. I'll reserve further advice until I see what those look like.