Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Bicycling for transportation

There's thoughtful reporting and commentary today at WashCycle, kicked off by a professional journal that devoted its entire issue to bicycling as transportation. This quoted passage jumped out at me:
[John} Pucher and [Ralph] Bueler agree that cyclist education is important, but think the off-road training [that] schoolchildren receive in Denmark, the Netherlands and Germany is better because it is so universal [though both have value]. They also think motorist education is important.
Traffic education must be far more comprehensive, including both cyclists and motorists. And it cannot be limited to vehicular cycling training courses for adults but must start with schoolchildren ...
If you're thinking at all about how to make our cities more suitable for low-petroleum transportation, I encourage you to visit WashCycle and read the report and comments. You might even want to click through to World Transport Policy and Practice.

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