Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Bicyclists get South Miami's attention

South Miami cyclist Lisa Fox nudged her city commission again last night to find ways to better serve bicyclists and transit users. She stressed the energy-conservation potential of weaning people away from personal cars. Eric Tullberg, secretary of Green Mobility Network and a member of the county's Bicycle-Pedestrian Advisory Committee, also spoke, calling for better connectivity with bike lanes on the city's west side and with the M-Path that runs along U.S. 1. There were roughly eight other cyclists present.

The city appears to be listening. Several staffers will meet with City Manager Ajibola Balogun this week to start working on a bicycle plan, and Commissioner Brian Beasley asked for Fox to join that group. Mayor Horace Feliu said that planned reconstruction on Sunset Drive, the occasion for Fox's protest to the commission two weeks ago, will be reviewed to see what can be done for cyclists.

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