Monday, May 11, 2009

Businesses and bicycles

Over at the cartooning blog Stone Marmot, Cindy shares about her quest for bicycle parking.
Those things many people think of when someone mentions “bicycle rack,” that is, those contraptions made of usually metal bars that you are expected to stick a bike wheel into, are not bike racks. They are actually potentially very damaging to most bike wheels. Bike wheels aren’t designed to withstand a lot of pressure from the side. If I find myself forced to use one of those things, I never stick any of my bike wheels into the bars of those racks. I always try to set my bike just outside one end of the rack and lock to the rack there.
This would be a good piece to hand any merchant or landlord you are trying to persuade to provice for their biking customers. For the whole piece, just click Businesses And Bicycles.

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