Tuesday, May 19, 2009

M-Path funds close -- perhaps

Today's agenda for the Miami-Dade Commission meeting included an item to transfer $700,000 so that badly needed repairs to the M-Path could begin this year instead of in 2012. I just got word that Commissioner Sosa had pulled the item -- 8 (J)(1)(A) -- from the consent agenda. That may only mean she has questions about it, but it might also mean she opposes it. I've called to find out, and am waiting for an answer. If you're close to County Hall today, I encourage you to drop in on the meeting and see what happens. This may be an important day to speak up respectfully for the M-Path's importance.

The funds in today's agenda item won't carry out the full M-Path Master Plan, but they would be enough to do a significant part of the work that is needed to attract new riders and make the path safer and more agreeable for those of us already relying on it for commuting and recreation.

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