Friday, May 08, 2009

South Miami favors bricks over bikes

A South Miami bicyclist, Lisa Fox, is raising an alarm over the city's plans to pretty up Sunset Drive between SW 62nd and 67th Avenues. She spoke up during the City Commission meeting Tuesday night, because the planned wide median and elaborate sidewalks leave out any improvement in bicycle access. She got nowhere. I encourage you to read Fox's statement at the Robertson Adams blog and let the city know what you think about it.

One commissioner asked why provisions for bicycling were not included in the plans offered on the consent agenda that night. The response, I heard second-hand, was that the city had asked for money for bike facilities and money was not available for that purpose. Someone either misunderstood or was misinformed. If this is stimulus transportation funding being used for the project, as the meeting summary indicates, providing for bicycles definitely would be allowed.

Bicyclists in and around South Miami, let your voices be heard. The next City Commission meeting is May 19 at 7:30 p.m., and I hope to see you there. But we don't have to wait. You can learn where to speak up now by clicking on the city website.

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Eddie Suarez said...

I work, play, and live very near South Miami. And who ever is in charge of design, planning, etc upsets me to unimaginable levels.

S. Miami could be a super beyond pedestrian friendly city. However, the planners need to remove their heads from their behinds and realize that they must consider humans and human powered vehicles in their designs.

Those pavers are not only dangerous for cyclists they are also a danger to pedestrians. They present a trip hazard especially to women in heels.

The planners must also realize that taking a 10 foot wide sidewalk then putting 8 feet of trees, benches, curbs, signage, lights, and other debris essentially leaves only 2 feet of space for pedestrians to use.

Take a look at the amount of crap in the way on the sidewalk in front of Dan Marinos? Take another look at the sidewalk between Town and Sunset Place. This sidewalk is so narrow its single track one way street. The new sidewalk from the CVS to the Chevron is littered with trees, signs, etc... again leaving enough space for 1 person to use the sidewalk.

Yes I'm angry. Yes I've complained. Even mentioning the difficulty a person in a wheelchair would have navigating the tight quarters. The response I received was "our designs meet ADA minimums"