Friday, May 08, 2009

Stolen-bike alert

My gray Specialized Crossroads was stolen from the Falls Townhouses at 1:40 a.m. today. Two neighbors wakened by a car alarm saw a skinny white guy riding away on it. (Since I'm a skinny white guy, it didn't immediately occur to them that it wouldn't be me at that hour.) In several ways this crossover bicycle is easy to recognize: It has a folding saddle-basket on the right rear, a miniature Share the Road tag on the back of the frame-mounted luggage rack, and the horn of the saddle was mended with duct tape, now a bit ragged. Other detachable features include a mirror, map case and bell on the handlebars, a headlight, a tail light, a tire pump and a frame-mounted clamp for my cable lock.

If you see this bike, please keep your eye on it and call Miami-Dade Police at the Kendall station, 305-279-6929.


Anonymous said...

Could your neighbors have just assumed that the theft was riding his own bike and leaving quit because he knew he should not be around?

Ellen said...

Sorry to hear that John. I will keep my eyes peeled.