Monday, June 22, 2009

Letter from the road

Terry and Julie Connor, off on a European bike adventure, send news from their overnight stop:
We flew to Berlin last Thursday and had our first tour of that city through Saturday.

Sunday morning, we cycled out of Berlin weaving around streets closed off entirely for a race. The race was an enclosed event that drew thousands and ran from 09:00 to 2:00. We rode a 28-km route to Potsdam, where the Big Three met to talk about the post-war status of Germany and Europe.

Today we rode about 70 km on the R-1 that is a 3500-km route from St Petersburg to London. Overall excellent experience. Two remarkable conditions: in the cities there are well-marked cycling routes, in street and not. Cyclists have protected right of way at most intersections.

But the R-1 is most impressive. Some of it is paved; some is on the side of country and village roads; and some is dirt pack running through gorgeous fields of wheat and corn. I wonder if we could find support in DC and Tallahassee for an eminent domain.

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