Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Miami road rage subsiding

New York City, I am told, has displaced Miami as the worst in the country for road rage. The Autovantage Road Rage Survey bumps Miami out of first place for the first time in four years. Good news for bicyclists, long accustomed to getting blown off Miami roads and blocked at crossings. The most frequent causes of road rage, according to the survey of drivers:
* Bad or careless driving, such as cutting others off, speeding, tailgating, talking on cell phones, making obscene gestures and not using proper signals
* People who are angry, stressed, frustrated, tired or had a bad day
* People being in a hurry, impatient or running late
* Traffic problems, accidents, poor road conditions or construction
* Inconsiderate, disrespectful, selfish drivers who think they own the road
You can read all about the survey and Autovantage by clicking here.


Anonymous said...

good - maybe. but moving from the worst to second-worst can mean a lot of things. the big apple might have increased its badness at a higher pace than miami. everyone who's on the road cycling knows that it's not a pretty situation.

JHop said...

Actually, Miami rose from worst to seventh-worst. I guess my attempt at brevity didn't serve the reader well. Sorry about that!