Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Opposition builds against Virginia Key plan

The Virginia Key Master Plan has something for everyone -- and, it seems, too much of everything. Andres Viglucci reports in The Miami Herald today that the plan got a 9-0 "no" vote from Miami's Waterfront Advisory Board last week. Nature-lovers, boaters and park activists are upset because the plan for the neglected spoil island with a billion-dollar view of Miami anticipates heavy commercial use, thousands of parking spaces for cars, and several kinds of facilities for conferences, meetings and athletics. Despite the planners' mention of bicycling, bicycle trails, and a BMX course, the proposal certainly didn't look "green" to me. Next step on the plan's fast track is tonight at City Hall before the City of Miami's Planning Advisory Board.

Here's the Herald article. The plan itself is at (go to public presentation 4).

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