Monday, June 22, 2009

Stitches, broken hand for triathlete

By now I hope you've read your Miami Herald and learned that Miguel Tellez wasn't badly hurt in that smashup with the pickup truck yesterday during the Key Biscayne Triathlon. If you missed it, here's Jim Varsallone's piece in the Sports pages.

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The collision happened at the point where cars enter Crandon Boulevard when leaving the Rusty Pelican and other waterfront businesses. A policeman was supposed to be posted at the crossing as racers came down the Powell Bridge toward Crandon Park, riding their bikes in the lanes normally used for traffic leaving Key Biscayne. I am told that Tellez, the lead cyclist until then, hit the truck -- so one may surmise that the driver didn't look to his right before starting to enter the road.

While Varsallone focused on the competition in his reporting, the Sun Sentinel's Sharon Robb told more about the injured rider. Ouch! You really have to feel for Tellez!

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KCS said...

this is scary. why are drivers so aggressive, especially in key biscayne where cycling is so popular?