Sunday, June 21, 2009

Triathlete injured on Crandon Boulevard

A driver hit a bicyclist today during the Key Biscayne Triathlon. Early details are at The Miami Herald website. When I learn more I'll follow up.

The Herald identifies the cyclist as Miguel Tellez, 37, of Aventura. Tellez finished ninth for his age group in this year's ING Miami Marathon on Jan. 25.


Eddie Suarez said...

The comments on the Herald site are disturbing. Even if Miamians believe that cyclists belong on the sidewalk, what gives them the right to run us over?

No one seems bothered by the fact that a human being was injured. The attitude seems to be that because he's a cyclist, he deserved it.

The persons involved are now going to have to live with the fact that their actions could have potentially killed someone on Sunday.

Anthony said...

These people are so pathetic. I mean, seriously, this town has really gone downhill. Only in Miami, can someone running an organized race, with lanes that have been blocked off specifically for the race, get hit by a car.... and to top it off, the victim is the one that gets blamed for it...