Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Louisiana gets a "vulnerable road-user" law

With Gov. Bobby Jindal's signature yesterday, Louisiana became the latest state to require motorists to stay at least three feet away when meeting or passing a bicycle. What sets the Louisiana law apart from Florida's similar one, though, is that it also outlaws menacing or harassing a pedestrian or cyclist.

Fines for violations in Louisiana can be as high as $200 for harassment and $250 for close passing. I'm glad to see the law enacted. Now let's see if it's enforced.

You can read more about it at LSU's Daily Reveille.


Anthony said...

Do you actually think that something this will actually be enforced down here? I don't!

JHop said...

Actually, I don't imagine a vulnerable road-user law would be enforced, at least in South Florida. I don't write only about what I agree with, however. And some good riders who I respect do want such a law.

On the other hand, I do think the Florida three-foot law has had some value in educating motorists. The same result might have been achieved through an advertising campaign, but, hey, I'll take progress where I can find it.