Wednesday, July 22, 2009

M-Path repairs begun

M-Path user Douglas Clark reports:
Haven’t ridden to work in about 6-7 days and this morning I noticed that they were tearing up the tree-root-damaged parts of the M-Path alongside SW 1st Avenue, from SW 26th Road to about SW 24th Road, and in the process of repaving the path in that section. I also noticed markings denoting the worst of the root damage on the pavement on the path around the Vizcaya station, so it looks like the work will move down the path.
These paving repairs have been needed for a long time. I don't know yet how the work fits into the M-Path Master Plan that was completed two years ago. The path is owned by Miami-Dade Transit, which obviously has bigger fish to fry -- but which has been fairly responsive to requests for path improvements.

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