Sunday, July 26, 2009

Repaving the M-Path

The M-Path repaving reported last week is to continue southward from the Vizcaya Station area, reaching Douglas Road by about Sept. 30. Orlando Capote, the project manager for Miami-Dade Transit, which owns the path, says he expects to be able to repave seven miles of the nine-mile M-Path. This project will not address crosswalk realignment or any part of the greenway that involves shared jurisdiction. It does include correcting the many cases of tree-root damage to the path.

You may recall that Transit is working with $700,000 that the Miami-Dade County Commission transferred from a delayed bridge project. To carry out the entire M-Path Master Plan will take some millions, but I'm happy that the agency didn't wait for the whole sum before starting work.

I'm not able to visit the site right now, but if someone will send me a photo of the work I'd be glad to use it here. Meanwhile, thanks to Eric Tullberg of Green Mobility Network and the Bicycle-Pedestrian Advisory Committee, for updating me on the progress.

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