Thursday, August 27, 2009

BikeTown winners a happy lot

Thirty South Floridians went home with new Jamis commuter bicycles today after Bicycling magazine brought its BikeTown USA promotion back to Miami's Bayfront Park. The bikes were presented to people who wrote winning essays about how a new bicycle would change their lives. And in many ways, the event was a celebration of how bicycling -- the sport, the daily activity -- is changing Miami's life as a city.

This is the magazine, remember, that about a year ago pronounced our town one of the worst in the country for bicycling. It was a joy to hear the magazine's senior editor Emilia Furia say, "We have yet to get a single complaint from the City of Miami -- and we now realize it's because the city was busy taking action" to become the kind of bicycle-friendly place its climate and terrain call for.

So congratulations, all you happy Jamis winners. And thanks to Bicycling, and to MetLife, for helping grow the bicycle life. You can read more at The Miami Herald, including some of the winning essays.

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Anonymous said...

Great piece, John. It was a great day for cycling in South Florida!