Thursday, October 01, 2009

12-year-old breaks rules to bike to school

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So did you hear about the school system in upstate New York that forbids children to walk or bike to school? According to the Albany Times-Union, a 12-year-old and his mom have been breaking the rules daily by pedaling four miles down U.S. 9 to Maple Avenue Middle School at Saratoga Springs. The school stands two or three miles north of the famed Saratoga racetrack, and on a satellite map the neighborhood hardly looks congested. There's a photo of the street at Huffington Post. I would imagine Interstate 87, a mile to the east, would handle any heavy traffic in the area. Well, young Adam Marino and his mom may catch a break. When the school board meets on Oct. 13, the no bike/no walk rule will be reviewed, the Times-Union writes.

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Anonymous said...

You go, Adam, stick it to THE MAN! He and his mother were confronted on the first day of school by school board officials and a state trooper. The state trooper should have been on the street issuing citations to enfore the three foot rule.