Sunday, October 18, 2009

Bike advocate endorsed for Beach commission

Transportation activist Gabrielle Redfern won the endorsement of The Miami Herald in her race for Miami Beach City Commission. In case you're a Beach voter, you'll find her on your ballot in Group 3. Here's her statement on transportation issues:
I have spent the last decade with other concerned residents, City, County and State public works and transportation staff and the preeminent traffic consultants and researchers in this area to learn that the answers, although not easy, are there. I have a plan for public transportation that increases mobility on the Beach, and interconnectivity to the mainland, I have a plan for parking that increases the availability of spaces to residents while reducing the out of pocket expenses to them. I have a plan that will make our City more urban and greener at the same time. The six other members of the Commission many not agree on everything all the time, but my ideas on solving our transportation and parking issues are solid, based on real data and, according to the other Candidates, are the starting point for a resolution to this serious problem that effects us all everyday.
The other Group 3 candidates are invited to submit their own statement.

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